‘Corrupted or corruptible’: Judge dismisses election lawsuit, but prepares for appeal

A Michigan judge, admitting that the 2020 presidential election results in Antrim County may have been “corrupted or corruptible,” still has dismissed a lawsuit over a new audit.

The judge’s ruling also prepared immediately for an appeal.

The case was brought by lawyer Matthew DePerno on behalf of Antrim resident William Bailey.

The county was where suspicions of vote interference were raised immediately because the GOP-leaning district was declared to have voted for Joe Biden last November. Officials later said there was human error and President Trump actually won.

But it became representative of shady actions or results across the country.

Further, Michigan was one of six battleground states that drew charges of election fraud. Several states suspended counting on Election Night with Trump leading. Hours later, after massive ballot dumps that were nearly 100% for Biden, the Democrat took the lead when counting resumed.