Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger Insists Georgia’s Fraudulent Election Was Legitimate, Then Accuses President Trump of Lying

President Trump held a call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and the next thing you know, Raffensperger leaks to the call to the nasty anti-Trump publication, the Washington Post.  Then Raffensperger called the President, our President, a liar.

We reported earlier on the call the President held with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.  This call was leaked by the far-left Washington Post:

After the call, nasty Raffensperger leaked the call to the WaPo and then called the President a liar.

If you listen to the video that was released by the WaPo of the call, with only selective segments released by WaPo, there is nothing that the President says that is untrue.  Raffensperger lied about the President lying but this is what liars do – liars call other people liars:

There are hundreds of thousands of votes in Georgia that are illegitimate right now and most all of them went to Joe Biden.  These votes should be thrown out because they omit the legal requirements related to their chain of custody.  For all we know, these 460,000 absentee ballots were made up by Democrats in a warehouse in Georgia:

In addition, the whole world knows of the ballots that were pulled out from under the tables on election night and ran through tabulators multiple times after poll watchers were told to go home.

Certainly, Raffensperger is aware of all of this and he knows these items render the Georgia 2020 election invalid.  The results in Georgia should go through a forensic audit.

Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger is a special creature. He lies about his state’s elections and then calls President Trump the liar.  There are hundreds of thousands of invalid ballots for Joe Biden in Georgia’s results and Raffensperger and the President and anyone who’s paid attention knows it.

Via The Gateway Pundit