CNN Critic Claims Attacks on ‘MAGA March’ Were Taken ‘Out of Context’ – Gets Hammered on Social Media

It’s propaganda worthy of Pravda — and it’s coming for American conservatives now.

Since Saturday, social media has been swirling with videos of brutal attacks over the weekend on supporters of President Donald Trump, who took to the streets of the nation’s capital to demand a fair counting in the still-disputed presidential election.

But for CNN’s Brian Stelter, the videos available to any American with an internet connection were deceptive.

To Stelter, elderly couples being targeted, men being surrounded by mobs, and fireworks being thrown at diners in restaurants are just a question of “context.”

“Welcome to Twitter, what do you want to get angry about today?” Stelter wrote cheerfully in a tweet on Monday.

The final choice? Allegedly “out of context clips of DC violence.”

The implication is clearly that the violence witnessed on the streets of Washington on Saturday was completely understandable if the viewer could just see the bigger picture.

As Fox News reported, the mainstream media largely ignored the mob violence — adding another count to the eternal disgrace of what used to be known as “journalism” in the United States.

And then there was the tactic of blaming all sides.

The Washington Post — the “news” organization, remember, that had to settle a defamation lawsuit over its coverage of an incident involving pro-life high school students in 2019 — was on the scene during Saturday’s violence, helpfully doing everything it could to make it sound like Trump supporters were just as responsible for the mayhem.

But countless videos tell a different story. Here a few compiled by Fox News:

There might have been, as The Washington Post reported, Trump supporters ready to rumble with the antifa and Black Lives Matter “counterprotesters” who attacked the march. But what’s being seen in these videos is simply mob violence targeting the vulnerable.

If Stelter and liberals who think like him want to argue that’s just a matter of missing “context,” they’re ready to condone political violence under almost any circumstances — as long as it’s perpetrated by their ideological allies.

Fortunately for the sake of sane Americans, it didn’t take long for Stelter to get hammered on social media.

Via The Western Journal