Biden’s military chief admits Afghanistan likely to produce more terror

As America marks the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks of 20 years ago, where thousands died, Joe Biden’s military chief is admitting that more terror is likely to come out of Afghanistan.

Back then, that nation was controlled by the Taliban, which gave aid and comfort to al-Qaida, the terror network that dispatched 19 radical Muslims to America.

On that day they hijacked four jetliners and crashed two into the World Trade Center towers in New York, knocking them to the ground. They also flew into the Pentagon, and their one failed mission, a jetliner that is thought to have been aiming at either the Capitol or the White House, crashed into a Pennsylvania field.

Now, following President Biden’s actions that pulled American service members out of Afghanistan, leaving the country wide open for the Taliban to return to power, there are obvious concerns history will repeat itself.

Several analysts already have predicted exactly that.

Now, a report from the American Center for Law and Justice confirms that Mark Milley, Biden’s Joint Chiefs chairman, has acknowledged those concerns.

To Fox News, he explained, “Well, you know this is something that I’ve thought a lot about. And I personally think that my military estimate is that the conditions are likely to develop a civil war.

“I don’t know if the Taliban is gonna be able to consolidate power and establish governance – they may be, maybe not … But I think there’s at least a very good probability of a broader civil war, and that will then in turn lead to conditions that could in fact, lead to reconstitution of al-Qaida or a growth of ISIS or other myriad of terrorist groups.”

Milley also said in a report in the Hill that it was “likely” conditions would develop in Afghanistan for a civil war.

He warned then that that circumstance could lead to a return of al-Qaida, or ISIS, or other terrorism.

The new Taliban, the one given power by Biden’s actions in Afghanistan, has claimed it has “evolved” and that doesn’t “go after” enemies or suppress women, but its actions there to date haven’t supported that.

It has, in fact, refused to allow any women to participate in its “government,” and banned music, and attacked and killed Christians, and more.

Biden defended his abandonment of Afghanistan, citing the 20 years the U.S. already had been there.

He said America’s only national interest there is to “make sure Afghanistan can never be used again to launch an attack on our homeland.” But he didn’t explain how that could be accomplished by leaving the nation to the Taliban, and its likely guests of al-Qaida and ISIS.

Milley only weeks ago reportedly told senators that al-Qaida could return to influence much more quickly than expected.

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