Biden Voters Who Regret Their Choice Get Targeted Message Ahead of Election Season

Are you experiencing Biden remorse?

It happens to the best of us: We vote for a presidential candidate because we don’t like the guy in charge, only to find out that the guy we voted for is actually a lot worse. And, good heavens, did a lot of Americans find that out this time.

This November, the Republican State Leadership Committee is going to try to make President Joe Biden’s failures pay off for them.

In an ad released on Twitter on Thursday, the RSLC — which focuses on getting GOP candidates elected at the state level — assured voters there’s a handy way to excise that Biden remorse.

“Feeling pain at the pump? Anxiety at the grocery store? Anger at not having a voice in your child’s education? Fear of crime in your neighborhood?” it asked in a tweet.

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“It’s not your fault! You might be suffering from Biden Remorse. Elect state Republicans this November to get back to normal.”

The ad itself spoofed commercials for law offices:

The content is no laughing matter, however.

As gas prices go, don’t buy the hype that Russia is responsible. On Saturday, the average price of a gallon of gas in the U.S. was $4.12. That’s down from record highs earlier in the year, but that isn’t saying much. Just one year ago, gas was only $2.87 a gallon.

And if prices get much higher — which they could, considering the Biden administration’s policy is to transition the country away from fossil fuels no matter what the cost — voters want Biden out.

In a March survey by the Trafalgar Group, pollsters asked, “If you have to pay $8/gallon for gas, do you believe President Biden should step down for mishandling U.S. energy production?”

On average, 58.6 percent of voters said he should. And while $8 a gallon seems astronomical now, let’s not forget that $4 a gallon seemed astronomical not too long ago.

It’s not just gas we’re paying more for, either. The consumer price index rose 7.9 percent in February, continuing a run of 40-year highs. The personal consumption expenditures index — a favorite inflation barometer of Wall Street — rose 6.4 percent in February, up from 6.1 percent in January. That’s another 40-year high.

As for the core rate, which discounts volatile food and energy prices, that has risen 5.4 percent in the last year. The good news, according to MarketWatch, is that this is only a 39-year high.

Crime? We’ve got that, too, with cities across the nation setting records for violent crime and property damage. Despite this, the Biden administration seems to be monomaniacally focused on gun control. As for smash-and-grabs or criminals walking out of jail the moment they’re booked because of bail reform, they seem to be shrugging their shoulders.

It’s little wonder, then, that Biden’s first Supreme Court pick has a history of going easy on child pornography offenders. As the epigrammatical GOP Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana once put it, “the administration’s more interested in Super Bowl guacamole than the crime rate.”

And then there’s our public schools.

When it came to reopening our nation’s classrooms to in-person instruction after the coronavirus pandemic, the administration allowed teachers’ unions — which have been singularly hostile to instruction in the classroom — to view and revise the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines.

Administration officials have threatened schools that vowed to ditch mask mandates, with Education Secretary Miguel Cardona looking to “assess all available tools” to keep them in place.

During Virginia’s contentious 2021 elections, which focused on local curriculum and the teaching of critical race theory, the administration invested plenty of political capital in a losing effort to keep the offending party in power.

Now, in Florida, they’re railing against the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which prohibits indoctrination on gender ideology and sexual orientation for students in third grade and younger. The bill, it so happens, is supported by a majority of Democrats.

In other words, there’s no shortage of reasons to be feeling Biden remorse this November — and if the GOP can harness it, conservatives could be riding a red wave.

Via            The Western Journal.