Biden on hecklers: ‘This is not a Trump rally. Let ’em holler’

During a stump rally for gubernatorial nominee and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), President Biden sought to brush off several hecklers who interrupted his speech, saying, “This is not a Trump rally. Let ’em holler. No one’s paying attention.”

According to a Dallas News reporter covering the event, the hecklers seemed to be shouting, “Stop Line 3!” — a reference to Enbridge’s controversial pipeline project in Minnesota, which indigenous groups argue could have ramifications for the area’s water and land.

In June, the Biden administration signaled its support of the Trump administration’s approval of the pipeline.

As the hecklers shouted, another group of attendees yelled, “We love you, Joe!”

“That’s OK. That’s all right,” Biden responded before people on both sides yelled over him.

“No, no, no, no. Let ’em talk!” Biden said as a smiling McAuliffe, seated behind the president, laughed at the scene unfolding.

“This is not a Trump rally. Let ‘em holler. No one’s paying attention,” Biden said once the noise had quieted slightly, followed by cheers from the attendees.

This is not the first time that the president has used this line to fight off hecklers. During an Iowa rally in June 2019, a heckler interrupted the then-presidential candidate, and Biden replied, “No, no. That’s OK. This is not a Trump rally. Let him go.”

Biden’s appearance in Arlington, Va., marked the first time that he’s hit the campaign trail as president, throwing his support behind a Democrat candidate with whom he’s maintained a friendship for more than 40 years.

McAuliffe is running against Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin, whom he and Biden have tried to tie to former President Trump, who is deeply unpopular with residents in the state.

Via The Hill